At Green Whale Foundation we educate young people on the dangers of plastic pollution, and encourage them to change both their own behaviour, and create change within their communities. We do this by creating fun, engaging and interactive experiences, which allow them to experience the problem of plastic pollution first hand.

We run a Paddle and Pick programme for school years 5-6 (upper key stage 2 for English schools). These sessions get children to litter pick while navigating the waters of Brentford Lock on paddleboards. 

How does it work?

For your full day experience, your class of 30 will arrive to start at 10am and divide into 2 groups.  Half the class will go on an hour-long Paddle and Pick where they clear litter from the canal around Brentford Lock.  The other half of the class will participate in an educational treasure hunt along the canal, and will litter pick while learning about topics such as ultra processed food and palm oil, and how they are linked with plastic pollution.  After each of the sessions the two groups will swap. 

How much does it cost? 

The cost is just £5 per child thanks to generous funding from grants and corporate sponsors.  If you are unable to cover the cost for every child in your class, we may be able to offer a number of reduced price spaces.  Please contact us to discuss. 

How do we sign up? 

Choose your dates and email or call Carolyn on 07870 685994.  We are taking bookings now for the summer term on weekdays from 15 April – 19 July 2024.  

Want more info?

Check out our full info pack for all the details of our Paddle & Pick sessions.